What people are saying about Jim Dean Photography

‘I love my Eiffel Tower picture’

I was told about JimDeanPhotography when speaking to a colleague about my daughter’s obsession with Paris. My friend said she’d seen some great images of Paris, and other countries at a photography exhibition in Edinburgh. I found out who had the exhibition and as soon as I saw the images on his site I had to have some. I’ve now got two incredible images taking pride of place in my home.
Gillian Hallard, Edinburgh


‘Mesmerising Photograhy’.

Jim’s images highlight the beauty that Scotland has and is. The need to look at his images over and over again and never get bored, are indicative of both his skill and their quality.
As a teacher I have used Jim’s images many times, exploring them with the children. They’re always keen to look at more and more of them.
Martyn Wood, Haddington.

‘Awesome image’.

I’ve never bought a photograph before but when I saw Jim’s work I had to have some. I love New York and this picture of the Empire State being squeezed between two other buildings brings the scale of the city home.
Richard Jenkinson, Dunfermline.

‘Simply Stunning’.

I know Jim does a lot of landscape photography but when I saw that he also did Cityscapes I couldn’t resist buying something for my home, even though I live in London.
Phill Clark, London.

‘Memories Captured’

I went to Bologna with my wife and a couple of friends, we loved it. When I saw that Jim had captured the warmth of the place I just had to buy this print.
Chris Welsh, Edinburgh

‘Just Wow!’

I’ve been a big fan of Jim’s photography for a few years now. The images he captures are really incredible. I love Scotland and like most people, have tried to capture it on my camera or phone, always falling well short. I now leave it to jim and always look forward to his next image.
Sean Connor, Ipswich.

‘My very own Bambi’

I saw this image of a young deer at Jim’s exhibition last year. When he put it up for sale a few weeks ago I had to have it. The emotion he captures is just brilliant.
This is now the picture I see when I walk into my living room.
Carol Leatherbarrow, Leith.

‘Wish we were there now’

This image of the isle of Rum covered in snow just brings back to us the feelings we get when we visit that part of the world.
Alan & Sharyn Ramage, Livingston.

‘I love my Paris Street Scene’

When I look at it I’m instantly transported back to a city j’adore’
Janet Lee Adams, Musselburgh

‘I can't believe how clear and perfect this photo is’

Since moving out of town, we've been able to encourage more wildlife to our garden. We regularly have a pair of woodpeckers that come to the bird table. They are stunning birds, but are on and off in a matter of seconds, and way too fast for a photo opportunity. When I saw Jim's picture, I had to have it. He has captured this beautiful bird to a tee. It's stunning and it has pride of place in our house.
Cath Ferry, Kirkliston